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Charcoal shampoo

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  • 1. Charcoal Shampoo refill 500ml

    Charcoal Shampoo refill 500ml (Charcoal shampoo)

    Price :JPY 912 (tax included)
    Product Number:S315810H
    Original release: CHINOSHIOSHA Brand: 炭シリーズ
  • "Charcoal Shampoo refill 500ml" is a refill for " SUMISHANNPU- 300ml. This is contained in the package that are difficult to store with cap on, you can pour it in a Repacking container. This product is natural oil and old horny layer, pore-clogging sebum, washes out your skin the components of charcoal soap shampoo made from charcoal and. In addition, mineral component makes your hair shiny. This is fresh feeling after washing, also recommended for men. After washing, please use "Charcoal hair conditioner," Charcoal shampoo "and" that sold separately.
  • 2. MCH Natural Shampoo 1000ml

    MCH Natural Shampoo 1000ml (Charcoal shampoo)

    Price :JPY 1,568 (tax included)
    Product Number:A422410H
    Original release: KOSUMOSU Brand: MCH
  • "MCH Natural Shampoo 1000ml" is a shampoo containing charcoal and cypress oil, natural mud. It gives moisture to the hair and leaves the hair cleanly wash off the dirt on the scalp, and natural. Washes damaged hair softly to make smooth. Dyes the hair and scalp, not black.


    Price :JPY 1,242 (tax included)
    Product Number:J310070H
    Original release: JUNNYAKU Brand: JUNNYAKUSUMISHIRI-ZU
  • "JUNNYAKU SUMISHANNPU- PONNPU" is a refreshing and is blended with Medicinal charcoal, scalp shampoo to wash your hair shiny. Medical charcoal is a charcoal whose adsorption and deodorizing power have been enhanced. Medicinal charcoal is a normal development of hair from adsorbs and cleans old sebum and dirt of pores. And the mineral components contained in medicinal charcoal give gloss to the scalp and the hair. Mixing also Panthenol, and protects the cuticles of your scalp Fruit acid natural Moisturizer Ingredients Silk protein. In addition, containing l-menthol, this washes and refreshes your body cleanly. No use of coloring, Fragrance-free, mild acidity. Pump 600ml size.

    SASASUMISHANNPU- 300ml (Charcoal shampoo)

    Price :JPY 1,462 (tax included)
    Product Number:S125130H
    Original release: SUSUMUSEISAKUJO Brand: KAGUYA
  • "SASASUMISHANNPU- 300ml" is a shampoo containing Sasazumi, CHIKUSAKUEKI Scalp care. Bamboo grass charcoal washes off your scalp and hair, and keeps them healthy with wood vinegar action. It contains Sasazumi, which is made of black by only contains charcoal, tar color dye, and dyes free. This product is natural - no additives such as Edetate, Oxidation inhibitor, coloring.
  • 5. Charcoal Shampoo 300ml

    Charcoal Shampoo 300ml (Charcoal shampoo)

    Price :JPY 935 (tax included)
    Product Number:S315790H
    Original release: CHINOSHIOSHA Brand: 炭シリーズ
  • "Charcoal Shampoo 300ml" is a soap shampoo made from natural fat which charcoal and. Adsorbing components of charcoal adsorbs pore-clogging sebum and old horny layer to scalp refreshingly washes your face, mineral component makes your hair shiny. With refreshing feeling after washing, also recommended for men. Please use "Charcoal rinse" that sold separately after shampooed with "Charcoal shampoo". Refill packs are also available.

    TSUBAKIYUTAKESUMISHANNPU- 340ml (Charcoal shampoo)

    Price :JPY 1,528 (tax included)
    Product Number:E008280H
  • "TSUBAKIYUTAKESUMISHANNPU- 340ml" is a shampoo containing camellia oil, Bamboo charcoal, CHIKUSAKUEKI and 16 kinds of Plant-derived extract. Removes clogged sebum at the bottom of pores, washes and moisturizes your skin, washes your scalp and the rough and dry hair easy to style. Refreshing, green floral bouquet scent.
  • 7. Mr. Hiroshi thought shampoo 300ml

    Mr. Hiroshi thought shampoo 300ml (Charcoal shampoo)

    Price :JPY 2,880 (tax included)
    Stock:out of stock
    Product Number:E098787H
    Original release: スリーヒルズ
  • "You thought Hiroshi Shampoo 300ml" is Pyuaburakku shampoo containing a combination of charcoal with a special infrared effects. Scalp and hair clean the dirt down, after Sarasara dry hair texture. Charcoal and silver, assembly extract, brown algae extract, and hydrolyzed formula and American Express. Preservatives, silicone, synthetic fragrances, artificial coloring is not used, we use plant-derived surfactants.

    KATTANN SHANNPU- (Charcoal shampoo)

    Price :JPY 1,080 (tax included)
    Product Number:K124340H
    Original release: MERI-DOLUKESHOUHINN Brand: KATTANN
  • "KATTANN SHANNPU-" is a charcoal is a charcoal and porous micro Charcoal shampoo using active and specially processed, improves the adsorption capacity. Recommended for people who care about their health of dandruff and attaches firmly to the scalp and waste products from the pores on the scalp with its Scalp care that keeps the scalp clean (oil). Sodium hyaluronate (Moisturizer Ingredients), Hydrolyzed collagen (hair Ingredient for protection), Zinc stearate (minerals Contains). It has no artificial colors and is low in acidity.


    Price :JPY 1,620 (tax included)
    Product Number:T211820H
    Original release: FORESUTORI-
  • "CHIKUTANNZENNSHINNSHANNPU-" is a product containing Horse oil, contains high-purity Bamboo charcoal powder, CHIKUSAKUEKI Fruit acid hair and Body care Additive-free. Whole-body shampoo, to wash hair, head, and whole body. Bamboo charcoal contains more than 2 times higher than charcoal adsorbs dirt, odor and adsorption power (about 10 times), and breaks down toxic substances such as holes to epiphytic holes. Also, Use raw materials is from children to the elderly can be used with sensitive skin, and it is made of natural materials. 300 ml.
    • 1-9( total of 9 items)

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