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ようこそ “kenko” means health in Japan

Rose hip oil

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    Price :JPY 3,456 (tax included)
    Product Number:S413890H
    Original release: Tree of life Brand: Tree of life
  • "SEIKATSUNOKI RO-ZUHIPPUOIRU(NACHURARU) 70ml" is a set of Rose hip oil (cosmetic oil), which is made by using squeeze technique unrefined oils. It contains ingredients which are gentle to your skin abundantly. Apply 1 or 2 drops of this evenly on your skin at night before going to bed. Besides for face, also recommended for dry area of hands, legs, or other areas. * The place of origin may change without prior notice depending on the season or weather. * The color of the cap may not be identical to the image as the container is being updated.
  • 2. koesamu ro-zuhippuoiru 15ml

    koesamu ro-zuhippuoiru 15ml (Rose hip oil)

    Price :JPY 2,592 (tax included)
    Product Number:E062725H
    Supplier manufacturing: KOESAMUJAPANN
  • "koesamu ro-zuhippuoiru 15ml" is a blend of organically grown apples harvested in gold color which is made of extra virgin Rose hip oil extracted from the Rose hip. Shading bottle protecting from ultraviolet rays by long vessel is used in the mouth, in order to prevent oxidation characteristic oil. Contains plenty of unsaturated fatty acid such as Palmitic acid, Linoleic acid Linolenic acid and oleic acid, etc. It arranges texture of skin, giving you smooth skin with open pores young.
  • 3. Haipapurantsu Rozuhippuoiru 20ml

    Haipapurantsu Rozuhippuoiru 20ml (Rose hip oil)

    Price :JPY 3,240 (tax included)
    Product Number:E090830H
    Original release: HYPER PLANTS
  • "Haipapurantsu Rozuhippuoiru 20ml" is a natural oil is extracted from chili in Rose hip, organic Cold-pressing method preserve in Rose hip. This product is characterized by the α-linolenic acid.
    • 1-3( total of 3 items)

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