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ようこそ “kenko” means health in Japan


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  • 1. Propolis Candy 80g

    Propolis Candy 80g (PARU)

    Price :JPY 559 (tax included)
    Product Number:E010288H
    Distributor: PARU Brand: SHIZENNHA
  • "Propolis Candy 80g" is made from the SANONTOU which Propolis candy. Propolis is produced from the nest of honey bees to protect the internal environment for protecting bee secretion of trees and fluid a and fluid adhesion to mix their nest by natural substances. For those who want to take care of your throat. Unscented.
  • 2. Woad Candy 80g

    Woad Candy 80g (PARU)

    Price :JPY 622 (tax included)
    Product Number:E096402H
    Distributor: PARU
  • "Woad Candy 80g" is candy containing a balanced blend of Board blue root (van orchid condition) Glycyrrhiza (licorice) kikyo root. Take daily to promote beauty and healthier living.
  • 3. Aloe Vera 99% 200ml

    Aloe Vera 99% 200ml (PARU)

    Price :JPY 2,160 (tax included)
    Product Number:A112730H
    Original release: PARU
  • "Aloe Vera 99% 200ml" is an aloe skin lotion which uses no water, but 99% aloe juice squeezed from aloe leaves at low temperature. The remaining 1% is comprised of licorice extract, vitamin E, sea soap and others. The gel-type lotion absorbs easily into the skin, and retains moisture while enveloping the skin like a veil. For sound, healthy skin. Can be used on the face and body.
    • 1-3( total of 3 items)

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