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ようこそ “kenko” means health in Japan


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  • 1. Panasonic Soie (battery-operated) ES2011P-D

    Panasonic Soie (battery-operated) ES2011P-D (soie)

    Price :JPY 3,672 (tax included)
    Product Number:E058489H
    Original release: PANASONIKKU Brand: soie
  • "Panasonic Soie (battery-operated) ES2011P-D" is a depilation Depilation container・Hair removal equipment for the first time, also for those who armpit, bikini line gentle. As it does not impose burden on skin smoothly and makes your skin with the delicate skin guard, short hair that stands up skin, can also be removed quickly without can be pulled out. Can be used to underarm double rolling hair removal method? The disk hardly touches skin directly so as to reduce strains on skin.
    • ( total of 1 items)

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