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New BIOFERMIN S Tablet 350tablets

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  • New BIOFERMIN S Tablet 350tablets
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brand :  BIOFERMIN
Original release : Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited.

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Product Description    Japanese(Original)
"New BIOFERMIN S Tablet 350tablets" is a medicine for internal disorders which contains 3 types of lactic acid bacteria.
100 types of bacteria live within the intestine of human. When a person is healthy, most lactobacilli are benign and good for his health, but when a person is unhealthy or when he grows old, the malignant lactobacilli increase and disrupt the bacterial equilibrium in his intestines.
This product is prepared with lactobacillus bifidus for improving and regulating gastrointestinal functions, faecalis bacteria for regulating flora disorders in the intestines, and lactobacillus acidophilus for restraining harmful bacteria. These good bacteria are delivered live to the intestines. They increase in the intestines and keep balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria. These are whitish tablets which are slightly sweet. Anyone from a child to an elderly find it easy to swallow.
Precautions In Use


  1. Consult a physician or pharmacist before use if you are, or have,
    Those who are receiving medical treatment from doctors.
  2. In the following cases, discontinue use immediately and take this booklet with you upon consultation with your doctor or pharmacist
    If your symptoms do not improve after taking for about one month
Intestines are normalized (Defecation is normalized) loose stool constipation abdominal bloating
Usage and Dosage

Please take this product for the following amount after dinner.

Dose Amount
Doses per day
Adult (15 years and older)
3 tablets
3 times
Ages 5 to 14
Two tablets
Under 5 years
Not to be taken

(Precautions on usage and dosage)

  1. In the case of use for small children, please ensure that dosing must be under the guidance and supervision of a responsible guardian.
  2. Always follow usage and dosage.
  3. Do not give to kids under 5.


If you drink it after eating, this product's lactic acid bacteria will not be effected by your stomach acid, and will survive to be delivered to your intestines, and excel at intestinal regulation.


9 Tablets (in Daily adult dosage)

Conk ・ BIFIDA powder
Primarily located in the large intestine, they produce lactic and acetic acid, improving the function of the intestines
Conk ・ Enterococcus faecalis powder
Primarily located in the small intestine, they keep gut flora, which otherwise can quickly propagate and cause problems, balanced
Conk ・ Lactobacillus acidophilus
Primarily located in the small intestine, they increase lactic acid and suppress detrimental bacteria

Additives: Corn starch, Dextrin, Lactose, Precipitated calcium carbonate, Candy powder, White soft sugar, Talc, Magnesium stearate


There is a group of 100 trilion bacteria composed of 100 species that live in the intestines When you are healthy, lactobacilli and other hard-working bactera are in excellent shape and keep everything balanced, but health problems, changes in your diet or environment, stress, and aging can cause harmful bacteria to flourish, throwing the intestinal flora into disorder These are times when it is important to replenish lactic acid bacteria and help keep them in good shape

Precautions on storage and handling:
●Details about products in bottles, products by dosage
(1) Please store out of the reach of children.
(2) Do not use after expiration date.
●Details about products in bottles
(1) Tighten the cap and store in the low humidity and cool place away from direct sunlight.
(2) Remove stuffing after opening. (Packing material is provided to prevent the breaking of tablets during transit, but its quality deteriorates once it is exposed to moisture.)
(3) Close the cap firmly every time after taking it. (Other odors and moister may affect quality of the product.)
(4) Do not transfer it in other container. (This may cause misuse or impact quality.)
(5) Enter the date on which the bottle was opened in the "Opening date" of box and bottle.
(6) After opening it once, from the quality retaining point, take the medicine at the earliest within 6 months from the date of opening.
●For separately packaged products
(1) Tighten the cap and store in the low humidity and cool place away from direct sunlight.
(2) After separating and taking 1 pack, store the remaining tablets by folding the mouth of the bad and take within 2 days.
If you have questions about this product, please inquire at the store where it was purchased or contact below.
Biofermin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Academic Development Department
ZIP Code: 651-2242 7-3-4 Ibukidai Higashimachi Nishi-ku Kobe
Telephone Number: (078)993-4490 Open Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Excluding weekends and holidays)

Vendor/Manufacturer Biofermin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ZIP Code: 651-2242 7-3-4 Ibukidai Higashimachi Nishi-ku Kobe
Vendor Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 4-1-1 Doshomachi Chuo-ku Osaka 540-8645