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ようこそ “kenko” means health in Japan

Brown Rice Enzyme SUI WA

  • Brown Rice Enzyme SUI WA
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Net weight: 270g (3g * 90 capsule)

1 per day (about): 3-6 capsule

Size: 120 * 80 * 158 (mm)

"Approximately 15 to 30 days

JAN code : 4545445000490

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Product Description    Japanese(Original)
"Brown Rice Enzyme SUI WA" is food that contains dozens of enzymes are produced by coating a culture medium of rice bran and rice germ, which are abundant in brown rice, in the proportion of 6 to 4 with yeast cell and fermenting yest cell. This greatly promotes your health and is also rich in dietary fiber. This product is added with chlorella, which is rich in chlorophyll, and collagen, which contains 18 types of amino acids. You can consume 2.2g of collagen with 3 packages a day of this product.
No specific instruction is provided; however, it is recommended to take 9 to 24 packages a day. Chew well.