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Seabreeze Deo & Water Green Apple Scent 160ml

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  • Seabreeze Deo & Water Green Apple Scent 160ml
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brand :  SEA BREEZE
Manufacturing vendor : SHISEIDOU

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Contents: 160ml

JAN code : 4901872848881

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Product Description    Japanese(Original)
"Seabreeze Deo & Water Green Apple Scent 160ml" is a body of sweat and odor, and keeps your skin smooth and dry Deodorant water, containing powder. Before going out, always dry and smooth all day long. Comfortably cool sweaty body after sports. In addition, reduces sweat after taking a bath, it makes you refreshed and keeps you forever. Fresh green apple scent.
How To Use
Powder and shake well before use
Take the appropriate amount of the product in your hand and apply to the areas vulnerable to sweat a lot, and lightly pat into the entire body
●Please take care not to let the product come into contact with your eyes. In case eye contact is made, immediately flush eyes with lukewarm water
●Do not use immediately after plucking or Depilation, or if abnormalities such as cuts, Swelling, this on face or mucosa ・ Rash ・ A rash ・ An inflammation ・ Please do not use this product on areas where symptoms such as cuts, swelling, eczema, rashes, inflammation or discoloration are present
●Please keep this product out of the reach of small children
●It may become white directly applied on the clothes
●Keep away from flames
●Please wipe up immediately when the floor or table etc. Discolouration may occur
Active ingredient: Paraphenol, Benzalkonium chloride Zinc sulfonate liquid
Other ingredients: Lilium candidum bulb extract, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) extract (one), White birch extract, Purified water, Ethanol, Nylon powder, Methyl polysiloxane, Alginic acid calcium, 1.3-butylene glycol, Chlorhydroxy aluminum, Potassium hydroxide, L-menthol, Fragrance
Be careful to carry
・It features a one-touch cap to make it easy to the contents. When carrying around, please take care to ensure that the bag and cap?
Country of Origin
Efficacy & Effect
Skin body odor (antiperspirant), the sweat odor
For inquiries:
Shiseido Co, Ltd: 0120-81-4710